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Go from communication to community with Waterkula. Empower your colleagues to get work done, share their best moments, connect with other departments, and more.

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Achieve Intranet Independence

Is your intranet old and outdated? Waterkula Team Pages are crowdsourced - meaning everyone can edit the content and keep things up to date.

Share Office Updates

Excited about your latest project or want to see what everyone else is working on? The Feed keeps you up to date on what's happening within your workplace.

Find Your Colleagues

Never go extension-hunting again! With the Directory, you can find everyone's work email and phone number - as well as where their office is located.

It's Your Space

You need a company email to sign up and into your organisation - so everything is kept safe and secure. It's your company's information, and only you can access it.

We're Always Improving

Remember when your intranet was last updated? We're constantly adding new features and improvements, and we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback!

Waterkula is all about communication
Life is easier when we communicate - and communication is easier when we have the tools to do it right.
Waterkula helps you effectively talk to everyone in your organisation; directly through posts and the directory, and indirectly through corporate information and team pages.
You might find all of this information on your company intranet - but you more than likely won't. Everyone can create and update content on Waterkula, and it's always being updated. We even take suggestions for improvments and new features!
It's a staff app, and so much more.
Anyone can register their workplace
(Even you!)
This could be your colleagues!
You don't need to ask your IT Department's permission; there are no PO Numbers to raise; you don't even need any special equipment - all you need is your work email address.

Here's your handy three-step process for getting setup:

  1. Download the app
    (It's on the iOS App Store, and Google Play.)

  2. Sign up using your work email address
    (This is really important - don't sign up with your Gmail unless you actually work at Google.)

  3. Enjoy the thank you cake
    (If your office don't get you a cake, hand in your resignation - they don't deserve you.)
It's completely free
All Inclusive
/ month
(Even for huge organisations!)
Unlimited Users
Social Feed
Unlimited Team Pages
User Directory
Buy 'n' Sell Module
Unlimited Corporate Information Pages
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