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Waterkula is, at it's heart, a staff app.

There are 5 core sections:

Keep your ear to the ground

Stay on the pulse of your organisation - and finally find out what it is everyone in HR gets up to all day - by scrolling through your organisation's feed.

This is the place to share what you're doing, what's happening within your organisation, and any initiatives, special events, or other need-to-know info.

The feed (and the rest of the app) is only accessible to people within your organisation, so you can freely share more sensitive organisational information than you would through other channels or social networks, safe in the knowlege that it's 100% closed to the public.

Celebrate your team
I didn't even know we had a Communications Department!

Stop having to explain what your team does - or even that it exists.
Free your team from the bounds of relative obscurity with your very own dedicated team page. Celebrate your team, tell everyone how to contact you, and share updates on your latest projects.

Find what you need

Corporate Information pages are all about making information accessible.

Whether it's your organisation's car parking procedure, the policy on hot desks, new starter and induction information, or even what to do if the kitchen popcorn machine breaks down, you can have a page for it.

Both Team and Corporate Information pages are crowd-sourced and editable by everyone in your organisation.
This means that everyone has the opportunity to add and change content and keep it up to date!

All the extensions

You've had this problem before - you need to call someone, but their extension isn't in their email signature...

Enter the directory. You need to enter your extension when you sign up, meaning you'll finally be able to get in touch with even the most phone-shy of your colleagues.

(You'll also find their email address and the location of their office on their profile.)

Who needs eBay?

Buy, sell and swap - your organisation edition.

List items for sale, and see what you can buy from your colleagues. There are no listing fees, we don't take a cut of the final sale price, and you can even make the sale at work.

It's probably the most safe, secure, and easiest way to sell your old items!

Waterkula is under active development - and we love feedback!

Are there some features you'd absolutely love? Noticed some ways the app can be improved? Get in touch!

Take a look at our Contact page to find the best ways to talk to us.

Convinced? Download now!